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 Lady Gaga released her debut studio album, The Fame on August 19, 2008. Her single fame songs became a bit hit in different countries of the world, including United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland. The album became a big hit especially in United States and the album was on number two on the Billboard 200 as well as topping the Billboard Top Electronic Albums chart. The Fame album has sold eight million copies all over the world.

The first two single songs in album fame, i.e. ‘Just Dance’ & ‘Poker Face’ have become number one hit internationally. The song ‘Just Dance’ became commercially worldwide on June 17, 2008 via digital distribution. This track was critically appreciated and received positive reviews. The song was complimented on its club anthem-like nature and the synth pop associated with it. This single fame song achieved a great success by topping the charts in United States, Australia, Canada, and Ireland at the same time it reached top ten indifferent countries of the world. However, this track has also got Grammy award nomination for Best Dance Recording.

One of the other singles in Fame album which has become a big hit was ‘Poker Face’. This track was released as second single from the album. This track was also critically appreciated and received good reviews. Critics have praised the robotic hook as well as the chorus. In fact this single achieved greater appreciation and success than ‘just Dance’. This song has also become number hit on the Hot 100. Like ‘Just Dance’, ‘Poker Face’ is nominated in Grammy award in the categories of the Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and even won for Best Dance Recording. The first two single Fame songs make the album more popular amongst the people all over the world.

Other single fame songs include ‘Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say), ‘Lovegame’ and ‘Paparazzi’. “Eh Eh, was the third single song released in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and Denmark and fourth in France. The track received a kind of mixed reviews. Some critics gave positive reviews comparing it to the nineties Europop while other criticized it for bringing the party-like nature of the album to a halt. However, the song ‘LoveGame’ was also released as the third single in the United States, Canada and some European nations. The track was appreciated for its catchy tune. The song ‘Paparazzi’ reached the top five in the countries like Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. This track received appreciation for its fun-filled, club-friendly nature and is deemed the most memorable song from the album.

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