Production And Composition Of Fame Songs

The debut studio album of Lady Gaga, The Fame is one of the most popular and successful album. Lady Gaga is greatly influenced by glam rock stars like David Bowie & Freddie Mercury. She is also influenced by pop music stars including Madonna and Michael Jackson. Even she claimed the Queen Song ‘Radio Ga Ga’ inspired her stage name. She earned a great fame through her album. For the Fame album, Lady Gaga worked with different producers which include RedOne, Martin Kierszenbaum and Rob Fusari. Let’s know in details about the production and composition of Fame songs in the following article.

The songs in the Fame album are greatly inspired by the love of the fame by Lady Gaga. It mostly deals with the obscurity of a rich & famous lifestyle, visualized by Lady Gaga. Musically, the album drew inspiration from '80s electropop and synthpop while incorporating with dance music and clear hooks. Album Fame by Lay Gaga becomes a big hit and the album received positive reviews. When we look into the production and composition of Fame album, Gaga worked together with her record producer RedOne on the melodies and synth of the Fame songs. She incorporated glam rock sound when devising memorable pop melodies and at the same time hooks to make what she has dubbed, "theatrical pop". This made the production of Fame songs a great success.

Considering about the composition of Fame songs, the songs in the album such as ‘Poker Face’ and LoveGame’ are basically up tempo dance songs. The former song carries dark sound with clear vocals on chorus and a pop hook. The information on production and composition of Fame songs further reveals that, the first single, ‘Just Dance’ is a synth based song whereas songs like ‘LoveGame’ and Money Honey are more dance oriented beat songs as well as has a moderate techno groove. In fact, all these songs combined synths of clipped marching beats, which saw electronic as well as mild R&B-infused beats.

For producing and compositing of Fame songs, Lady Gaga had worked on the album for two and half years. She finished half of it in the first week of January 2008. Fame songs such as “Summerboy" have great influenced of the music of Blondie. However, the track ‘Eh Eh” is credited as a ballad compared to the rest of the dance-fueled tracks from The Fame. The song has an eighties synth pop feeling in it while incorporating the "Eh, Eh" hook from Rihanna’s single ‘Umbrella”. Lyrically, the songs on The Fame generally talk about being famous and achieving popularity

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